Why We Love Winter in Vermont

This year’s frigid temperatures might have caused a little scare, but winter in Vermont is simply out of this world! Vermonters love the tiny diamonds of ice dotting the trees, the dance of sunlight on the snow, and the crisp air that says, “yes, this is the northeast!”

So, tell your pals: Here’s why we love Vermont in winter.

Ice Fishing
If you’re a fan of ice fishing, then winter in Vermont is what the doctor prescribed. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy the great outdoors in Vermont. With plenty of bigger water bodies like Lake Champlain bay and smaller ones off the beaten path, there’s something for everyone.

Vermont winters are great for people who are big on skiing, but what about non-skiers? That’s where snowshoeing comes in handy. It’s a fabulous way for the whole family to venture into the snowy wonderland of Vermont.

Sledding brings out a lot of childhood memories. Well, it’s no longer just for the little ones – at least in Vermont. The good news is that there are several sledding parks open during winter. All you have to do is grab your snow tube and rouse the inner kid in you.

Scintillating Hikes
Vermont has 300 miles of pure hiking trails, including Catamount Trail and Long Trail. If you want to kick it up a notch, you can try the fabled slopes of Stowe, Killington, and Sugarbush. Either way, you will absolutely feel the rush of adrenaline when hiking in winter in Vermont.

Ski Like Never Before
There’s a reason why Vermont is the superstar of winter skiing – it has top-notch ski resorts and parks that’ll simply knock your socks off. With the alpine ski tow at Woodstock farm, Nordic ski center at Trapp Family Lodge, and ski academy as well as 1,200 miles of Nordic trails, 176 chairlifts, and 1,269 trails, Vermont is the undisputed champ among the world’s leading ski destinations.

Snowmobiling is the sizzling way to experience the magical allure of Vermont’s winter “highways.” If you are a newbie, there’s nothing to worry about – trails are marked clearly, and there’s direct access to stops for food, fuel, and accommodations.

Winter Camping
Forget about your summer camps – winter camping in Vermont is the real deal. It sure brings a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation that can only be found in Vermont. And, yes, there are no nuisance mosquitoes.

Spa Treatment
After a busy day snowshoeing, skiing, riding, sledding, and whatnot, take some time to kick back and relax indoors, too. And Vermont has tantalizing spas just for that.