Valentine’s Day: It Doesn’t Have to Be About Diamonds and Roses!

When it comes to the big day, most people swear by roses and diamonds as proper gifts for her or him. But, what does it really cost to show your lady or man in your life that you love them this Valentine’s Day? Are you willing to dip into your emergency fund or spend the whole paycheck to buy diamonds or roses?

That’s a big no-no. Instead, consider the following thoughtful options that’ll still wow your better half without going overboard.

1. Go Back to the Very Beginning: What Really Triggered Your Love for Each Other?
There are a ton of reasons why couples get together or fall for each other. Perhaps you met at a party, work, concert, or even an airport. What in your convo sparked your attention or affection for the person? That’s exactly what you should be looking to relive this Valentine’s season. It’ll sure go a long way to show your loved one that you cared enough to remember.

2. Try Homemade Dinner
Sure, everyone likes to go out on Valentine’s Day. But, if you’re a great chef (or a budding one), consider bringing your craft home. Even better, consider an inventive new homemade meal to save money.

3. How About a Homemade Card?
You don’t need to be a great artist to whip up a homemade card that will knock your wife’s socks off. Besides the obvious financial benefits, the card is more meaningful than even a rose.

4. Give a Picnic a Try
It’s no big secret a picnic is super romantic. All you have to do is make a few sandwiches, pack a nice bottle of wine and a blanket, and zero in on a perfect spot in the park. In Vermont, maybe that picnic takes place in your living room!

5. Give Kindness, not a Present
How does skipping a present altogether sound? Instead of shelling out thousands of dollars on diamonds, consider a chore or craft that your loved one will cherish throughout the year.

6. Take Advantage of Coupons, Discounts
There are plenty of coupons on everything for Valentine’s Day. You can snag a deal on a restaurant, gift, and more.

7. Consider a Staycation
Have you are always planned to visit an out-of-the-way bistro or museum? Why not try a staycation with your better half this Valentine’s Day? You’ll have a blast without breaking the bank.

8. Ditch Roses for a Potted Plant
A potted plant is a gift that keeps giving throughout the year.