Top 5 Picks for Back-to-School Bargains

It’s finally that time of the year when we start to see the back-to-school campaigns – for all those school supplies, like notebooks and crayons, to backpacks and computers.

The truth is that this time of the year is becoming more and more popular for getting great bargains. In fact, according to eMarketer, in 2017, consumers should be spending more 4% than last year, which translates into more than $857 billion.

So, here are five picks for back-to-school bargains:

1. Office Supplies
Besides students, this is one of the best times of the year for businesses to buy all the office supplies they need – from paper to notebooks, pens, pencils, ink, and so many other things. Usually, the best bargains can be found at major retailers and office supply stores.

2. Backpacks
Students are picking their new backpack for the year that is soon to start, and office workers can also take advantage of a wide range of bargains in beach bags or laptop bags. With some luck, you may even find some great bargains for suitcases and luggage. Even though Black Friday is also a great time for finding good backpack bargains, we have been seeing a wide range of products being offered in the back-to-school period.

3. Eyewear
Many parents usually take the summer period to take their children for eye exams. And this is one of the main reasons eyewear bargains have been increasing, year after year, in back-to-school campaigns. However, these campaigns aren’t only targeting children; they also target adults, and sometimes they can even include sunglasses.

4. Computers
The truth is that Black Friday has always been famous about their huge discounts on every technology item, including computers. However, more and more often, we are starting to see many different companies having special promotions in the back-to-school period. These brands include Apple, which this year will offer a pair of Beats Electronics headphones if you buy an iPad Pro or a Mac, for example. However, they’re not the only ones doing it and you can find huge bargains at retailers like Best Buy.

5. Musical instruments
If you are a music fan, this is the best time of the year to buy a musical instrument. You can either get a huge discount when you buy one take Guitar Center, for example, which have been having a 20% off campaign since the beginning of this month, or you can take advantage of some free classes, depending on the store that you choose to buy from.

As you can see, it’s time to go shopping. Nothing like finding some great bargains to put a smile on our faces.