Falcon ATM Network

Notice: The Falcon ATM Network that we were a part of for many years is dissolving. If you were utilizing deposit or surcharge-free withdrawal services at another Falcon Network bank or credit union you will no longer be able to. Please let us know if you incur any fees as a result of this change. We suggest that you use a CO-OP network ATM for withdrawals to avoid future fees. Visit for locations near you. For deposits, you can use our Remote Deposit feature in our mobile app, our Night Deposit Box or we can mail you return envelopes upon request.

Debit Card Fraud

Many of you have recently experienced fraudulent transactions on your 802 Credit Union debit card.  Our debit card portfolio has been targeted by fraudsters who use automated systems to generate random numbers and make purchases with the numbers that are successful. These types of attacks go quickly and are over in a short amount of time as they move on to another set of random numbers.  In this instance, we are continuing to see a high level of fraudulent transactions.  It is important to note that this activity is not related to the recent merger, name change, nor the data processing conversion.  It is a malicious attack on the former RVCU, now 802CU, Bank Identification Number affecting random debit cards.  None of your personal identifying information has been obtained by the fraudsters, such as your Credit Union account numbers, names, addresses, or balances.  They only have the random number they generated, not information associated with the card owner.

While we apologize for and recognize the frustration that this has caused affected members, not all members with debit cards have experienced fraudulent activity.   All fraudulent debit card transactions generate notification via a text message or call through the 802 CU Fraud Center (run by our debit card processor) using the current contact information on file.  Notification of this type of fraud is usually done on an individual basis as not all cards are affected.  In this case we have been busy trying to keep up with the activity as it comes in and we are working on an email to send to all 802 CU debit card holders.

Most times, the charges are blocked before they go through and our card processor automatically shuts down the card. We realize that this has caused frustration and inconvenience for some of you and for that, we truly apologize. We are working diligently with our members to address charges that did go through, block cards as necessary, and reissue them as quickly as possible. You are not responsible for fraudulent charges, and we will work with you to get this resolved.  As always, please monitor your accounts for any suspicious activity.

We appreciate the concern and want you to know that staff is working extra hours and extraordinarily hard to counter the fraud.  While we are diligently working as hard as we can to address the attempted fraud and issue new cards, we know that this is not happening as fast as affected members or we would like it to.  We will continue to do our best.

Please note that you may experience longer than expected hold times when calling us as call volumes and branch visits have increased dramatically as a result of this.  We are working to get back to members as soon as we can and thank you for your patience.