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We are a not-for-profit, full-service financial cooperative that is owned and operated by our members. We currently serve over 33,000 members at our offices in Barre, Bellows Falls, Brattleboro, Putney, South Burlington, Springfield, Townshend, White River Jct., and Windsor. Members of 802 Credit Union have access to all services including but not limited to; checkingsavingsauto loanspersonal loans, residential loans, and credit cards along with a variety of remote options and exceptional member service. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our members and the communities we serve. We offer all those who bank with 802 Credit Union the comfort that comes with offering honest guidance and a full suite of products and services that will help to improve their financial health.



On November 1, 2020, Members Advantage Community Credit Union and River Valley Credit Union merged, requiring a new name to better reflect our statewide field of membership and our joint heritage. A new logo and brand identity were born. 802 Credit Union became our name in May 2021.

The History of Members Advantage Community Credit Union (chartered in 1953):

Members Advantage Community Credit Union (MACCU) was named on January 1, 2006. MACCU was comprised of five credit unions which merged over the years.

The five credit unions that merged to form MACCU were: Central Vermont Teachers Credit Union (founded in 1953), Windsor-Orange County Credit Union (founded in1953), Caswell Credit Union (founded in 1947), Covered Bridge Credit Union (founded in 1961), and Windsor County South Credit Union (founded 1952).

The History of River Valley Credit Union (chartered in 1946):

River Valley Credit Union (RVCU) was named on September 19, 1996. RVCU was comprised of three credit unions which merged over the years.

The three credit unions that merged to form RVCU were: Putney Credit Union (founded in 1946), Maple Valley Federal Credit Union (founded in 1941), and Windham County VEA (founded in 1953).


What is a credit union?

Credit unions are full-service, not-for-profit financial cooperatives that are owned and operated by their members. A credit union is a group of people (identified as members) formed around a common bond such as employment, geographic area, or a specific interest. Typically, the “common bond” is what makes a person eligible for membership within a credit union. Credit unions are formed for the purpose of offering higher quality services and products, as well as superior pricing, to their field of membership.

Volunteers are a large part of what makes credit unions successful. Member-owners volunteer time to serve on the board and committees in order to help make important decisions about the operations of their credit union.

Credit unions operate under the philosophy of “not for charity, not for profit, but for service.”

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Joining 802 Credit Union makes you a member-owner. As an owner you are entitled to the most exceptional, personal service we can offer.

Once a member, always a member.