Meal Prepping: How It Can Save You Money, and Time!

We’re certain you have heard of meal prepping in the past couple of years or so. It’s not only all the rage with the fitness community, but also catching on fast with busy professionals and working moms – and for good reason. Meal prep does more for your lifestyle and overall health than just provide nutritional benefits.

When done right, meal prepping can be a wonderful way of not only sprucing up your well-being and embracing healthy eating habits but saving money and saving time. How so? Keep reading to learn more about how meal prep can help you save time and money.

What’s Meal Prepping?
Meal prepping could be anything that has to do with preparing and packaging some, or all, of your meals and snacks for the week at once. Start off by planning your week’s menu then prepare your grocery list accordingly. Also, select a day of the week to make all the meals (Sunday does the trick for most people). Of course, prepping all these at once can sound a little cumbersome, but the greater benefits will rack up pretty quickly.

Saving Money
When you prep all your week’s snacks and meals, you are not just saving money you would spend on lunch/snacks – you can also find plenty of savings on groceries. But to do it correctly:

Shop for Groceries in Bulk
Meal prepping calls for thoughtful planning of ingredients. That’s why it pays to buy chicken, spinach, carrots, and other key ingredients in bulk. You’ll save oodles of cash this way. Just make sure to store/freeze bulk groceries appropriately to avoid food wastage. Even better, you can purchase groceries in bulk with family and friends to save more.

Sign Up for a Produce Share/Co-op
By doing this, you’ll spend much less on fresh vegetables and fruits produced in the community.

Let Coworkers Pitch In
You can collaborate with your colleagues so that everyone comes with healthy meal prep.

Saving Time
Meal prepping reshapes your routine in the long term, helping you save lots of time. By narrowing down the time needed to make meal decisions, meal prep does wonders for your daily routine. Consider the following tips to save even more time:

There’s Strength in Numbers
Coordinate with other meal preppers at the gym or work so you can eat together and share tips.

Shift to Smaller Meals
Meals like carrots, almonds, hummus, yogurt, etc. are easy to prepare, pre-portion, and store throughout the week.