MACCU’s Must-Do Vermont Events in August!

Vermont is a lovely place to visit during the entire year, but it becomes even more special during the summer. In case you’re planning on visiting in August, make sure that you don’t miss these special festivals and events:

1. Festival of Fools
The Festival of Fools takes place August 4–6. This is an annual event where you can see all kinds of street performing, comedy, and musical activities. This year, you can expect to see more than 75 shows. Make sure that you also head to the Church Street Marketplace surrounding the four main stages.

2. Deerfield Valley Farmers’ Day Fair
The Deerfield Valley Farmers’ Day Fair will take place August 10–13, and it’s 100 years old. This is a great event that tends to put together both tourists and locals with some competition in the middle. Make sure that you don’t miss the demolition derby, one of the most popular events. Don’t forget to check out the exhibit halls, a craft and hobby demonstration fair, music performances, kids’ tractor rodeo, and a classic car show. Oh, and if you like pies, you can also take part in the pie-eating contest.

3. Stowe Classic Car Show
In case you’re thinking of attending this classic car show that is happening August 11–13, you can expect to see more than 800 race and classic cars. During the weekend, they will be on display. Make sure that you also take a look at the food and craft booths, the flea market, and the street dance.

4. Champlain Valley Fair
There’s an estimate that the Champlain Valley Fair this year is going to get about 300,000 attendees. Starting on August 25, you can count on a wide range of games, entertainments, rides, vendors, and exhibits. If you love homemade apple pie, deep-fried cheesecake, or jalapeño poppers, you can’t miss it.

5. Stowe Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition
Up until the end of the month, you can attend the outdoor sculpture exhibition at the Helen Day Art Center in Stowe. If you’re an art lover, you definitely won’t be missing this one. You can take a walk throughout the entire exhibition and you’ll be able to see the nameplate describing both the art and the artist, cell phone audio tours, and even a catalog of the exhibit.