Inexpensive Winter Activities

Winter activities shouldn’t cost you oodles of cash. Forget about $100 chairlift tickets or cabin fever; these 10 winter activities will simply knock your socks off without breaking the bank.

1. Sledding
When was the last time you tried sledding? It’s been a long time, right? Embrace your inner kid and have a fabulous time. What makes sledding so exciting? For one, sledding is free if you’ve got your own sled. Besides, it’s a great way to break a sweat during winter cold months.

2. Ice Skating
Take winter fun to a whole new and ecstatic level by going ice skating. All you need is a nice pair of skates and warm clothing. You really don’t need an ice rink. Locate a well-frozen pond, strap on your skates, and have a blast!

3. Build Winter Bonfires!
Looking to sizzle up long winter days? Try building a fabulous winter bonfire. Round up the whole family and friends and get the bonfire crackling. And, yes, the whole setup cannot be complete without some s’mores.

4. Organize a Hot Cocoa Party
Don’t let the winter cold get to you – take the party outside. Invite friends to bring warm blankets and cozy up beside a bonfire while enjoying the latest in cocoa trends. Don’t forget to mix up the cocoa flavors so that every guest can get a kick out of the party. Take it up a notch by including a few sweet treats like cinnamon rolls, cheesy casseroles, or even eggnog.

5. Cookie Swap
Simplify your winter fun by hosting a cookie swap. Invite a group of neighbors, family, or friends, and have each guest make a sufficient amount of one kind of cookie to swap with the rest.

6. Walking and Hiking
You don’t need special gear to enjoy a winter walk or hike. All you need is proper footwear and clothing to enjoy sizzling trails in your neighborhood.

7. Snowshoeing
Snowshoeing during winter is not an expensive affair. It’s also an easier-to-learn activity than skiing for newbies. You can rent snowshoes for a few bucks.

8. Winter Picnic
Picnicking in winter doesn’t have to be expensive. Take some sandwiches, warm blankets, and hot soup or drink in a thermos. It’s a cheap and fun idea for couples and family outings.

9. Snow Painting
Prepare snow paint by adding food coloring to water in a spray bottle.

10. Ice Fishing
If you have a frozen water body in your neighborhood, ice fishing can be the ultimate winter activity.