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Scam Alert: You’ve won a prize!

There has been an influx of fraudulent lottery, sweepstakes, and prize winners. These types of winnings are typically for an item you didn’t even know you entered for (this should be a warning that this could be a scam).

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Image of a brown vehicle's windshield with a sale sign on it. Under the photo it states

Private Sale Vehicle Purchases

Recent challenges with inventory have made it difficult to find both new and used vehicles on the dealership lots. Did you know that 802 Credit Union can set you up with a low-interest car loan, even when you’re buying from a private seller?

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Account Insurance by NCUA

Safeguarding your hard-earned money is vitally important. That's why 802 Credit Union has federal share insurance, administered by an independent government agency, the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).

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