Image of a person at ant ATM with money in their hands.

Security: ATM Safety

10 ATM Safety Tips 1.Keep your PIN private.  Your personal identification number (PIN) should always be kept personal. Don’t share this number with anyone and don’t write it down anywhere or keep it stored in your phone. It’s also a good idea to choose a unique PIN for all your accounts and to change your […]

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Image of tax papers on table with calculator and eyeglasses.

Beware of Tax Scams

It’s tax season, so it’s time to get your paperwork in order and hire a tax preparer. Unfortunately, though, there are thousands of scammers looking to steal your information and your tax refund by posing as authentic tax preparers. It’s important to learn how to recognize the signs of a fraudulent tax preparer so you […]

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Photo of a paper with

Scam Alert: You’ve won a prize!

There has been an influx of fraudulent lottery, sweepstakes, and prize winners. These types of winnings are typically for an item you didn’t even know you entered for (this should be a warning that this could be a scam).

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